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your energy speaks for you

"GIRL the reading just had me shook.... at this point I feel like you were in my damn living room.


This was my first reading ever. I wasnt sure how it would be, but remained open. The 2 readings i got were SPOT ON!! I felt like my best friend was talking to me from the future with the level of accuracy this is. The information given has helped ease my anxiety , and provided much needed guidance.


Your readings are always topnotch and resonate so well. Every piece of it, thank you! Dragged me for FILTH!


Wooow you’re amazing! Thank you so much love it resonated so hard, and you described my partner how they're being and our situation very well.!! I appreciate you! 


Both readings resonated with me A LOT.  The love reading was spot on & the career reading I defintely understand what you were saying And when I go back, I do know what I want to do. So thank you! I appreciate your time and I hope all is well with you. Many blessings to you love


Thank you so much! This is definitely the most thorough reading I've ever had. I love your energy and way of explaining things.