With 3 days left in 2020, today is the final 9/P11 day. Along with the full moon in Cancer, today is optimal to close out cycles, release any beliefs and anxieties that need to be removed, and to detach yourself from the results of your manifestations, while still cultivating them with positive thoughts, affirmative statements, and some resiliency. 


Remind yourself of all of the generational trauma, childhood and relationships PTSD you faced front on this year when you had nothing to do but sit with yourself. Did you delve into the shadows and exhibit the discipline needed, or did you simply stare at a strange reflection. Either way, all those things will find a sense of culmination of today, and it is best to express that. Ground yourself by your moon sign today, and then express as you know best. Tweet from that burner, write in your journal, burn that shit, play your 'crying playlist' ( i know you have one, and if you don't HMU.. I got you, but imma break ya heart), go to the gym and max out.. whatever it takes but a release needs to occur. Take a bath and listen to frequencies ( I suggest Meditative mind). Check out Tri's Weekly Tea for your signs frequency.

The Wheel stops for nothing in its path but Divine intervention. Close out cycles, understand that karma has come full circle, and you no longer need to give certain things, connections, or mindsets your energy or time. Choose to move on today.


Card Pictured on beanie by Ghost Dry Goods(@GhostDryGoods). Probably my favorite ethically sourced and hand/homemade piece of winter clothing right now.


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