in the beginning

There was me, Tri. the Aries Oracle. I'm a spiritual engineer of sorts, placed here to use my intuitive gifts, and powerful alchemy to assist those in need of spiritual and mental guidance, starting their spiritual / tarot journeys, and righting those who've strayed from the path.

I am a 3LP, Metal Rooster, Aries ☉/☽/♀, and an Aqua Ascendant-symbol.png, and am intuitively  clairaudient, sentient, empathetic, and cognizant. I utilize all of my gits, as well as tapping into the strong connection I feel with my female ancestors. 

My goal is to coach the cultivation and continuation of self-healing journeys, at self paced rates, persistently, and equipped with the right tools, which requires removing self limiting beliefs. This leads to those in the 24-44 year range to evaluate and determine their own core beliefs and morals, as well as assisting in realizing true and untouched life potential and purpose.

Healing Holistic Health. May you be mindful of the magnitude of every step you take you, and I pray every breath is filled with gratitude to Spirit .

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