Frequency for the Week : 29Dec20- 5Jan21

Cardinal ( Aries. Libra. Cancer. Capricorn): Focus on your heart chakra this Full Moon. Remove and release unnecessary blockages and past mental holds. Thank Papa Saturn for his lessons in disappointment, discipline, and delays. Embrace yourself intimately and with vulnerability. Make the space, cause everything you've been working for is arriving starting in the new year!!

Fixed (Scorpio. Taurus. Aquarius. Leo): This is the week for you to be trying new things. Focus on your root chakra, which is the hardest for the deeply rooted FIXED signs.  We often outgrow our peers, even when remaining still because we constantly are evolving and rebirthing. We are the pillars that maintain, the ones who are overlooked as compassionate caring beings, because we do not extend that same energy to ourselves. Get more rest and drink more water this full moon. 

Mutable(Sagittarius, Gemini. Pisces. Virgo): Take the leap and focus on your solar plexus. Your form of release and therefore new beginnings comes in the form of literally saying my all time favorite phrase before I'm about to wing some sh*t cause my intuition told me to- "F*ck it." Lease is up in 2 months and you've been thinking about moving 7 states away? Apply for jobs in that new city on Indeed tonight. Text that person you've been enjoying conversations with openly. Ask them on a date. Love is in the air. Accept the job offering you've been thinking about. Even if there is a slight paycut, I feel the payout and experience gained will be BIG within 6 months. This week really just has a "seize the day" energy for you all. 


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