Frequency of The Week: 21Sep21- 28Sep21

Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn: Creative Discipline

For many this Full Moon in Pisces feels like a New Moon, the energy is moving, the creativity is flowing, and the love from all aspects is pouring in. For us Cardinal signs, even the Grandpa Capricorn, patience and moderation is something we have to practice, as it doesn't come naturally. Take time over the next few days to assess what you want to create between now and Taurus Season. Plan now, so you can take action in November/December, and your seeds are ready to be sown in early Spring. Cancer and Capricorn specifically need to focus on the present day, and worry less about the future. Do not try to plan out being disciplined tomorrow, just today. Aries and Libra would benefit from having 2-3 hard conversations: One with themselves, out loud or on a recording, and the other conversations need to happen with close friends or relatives. Purely platonic connections that need to be redefined, clarified, or deemed null & void. The choice in how everything pans out is entirely in your hands. 

Sagittarius Season will bring a gift to you- proof of progress, clarity in the mind, and a boatload of the love and intimacy you've been desiring lately. Nothing is free however, so the key now is to focus on moderation, prayer, and discipline. 

Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius : Patience and Choice.

Fixed signs aren't asking for a lot, but you are asking for a lot to happen right NOW. Change isn't instant, and as some of the most stubborn and ‘my way or no way” signs, ya should know that while you do manifest literally whatever it is that you want, it may not appear on the timeframe you had in mind, nor will it show up how you wanted it too. If you’re asking for something extremely specific right now, be open to other options and choices. Do not try to manifest a specific person, or singular traits, rather ask for someone who is compatible with you, reflects common habits, or interests in your own. If you’re not single, do not focus on how your partner has made the same mistake 4 times in the past week. Staying present means you only address, smile, cry, or talk about events ONLY on/near the date they occur. Some of you have words to share with your partner- be kind, be soft, and be open to receiving some feedback. You WILL take it as criticism, but around Thursday/Friday, many will come around and take more accountability in the roles they have played in past relationships. 

Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius: Wealthy Choices

You have the purest heart, and deserve the truest love. Your addictions with those who either always bring a cloud of energy/anxiety, or in continuing to ‘use’ those you know are no longer aligned with you. Stop entertaining those you know are not long term, fulfilling, or in alignment with you and your best interests. Once you remove these connections, thoughts, you'll find a lot of space freed up - and for many that means a new job, increased pay. I feel those who have been putting in the shadow work and being open, honest, and accountable will begin to feel movement around Capricorn Season. Pray to Neptune, and ask for clarity in your dreams. Your subconscious, and therefore you, are in a state of suspension. Things will move either super slow, or super fast, but when it's time to get it poppin, you HAVE to move, or you will miss out on something that was truly meant to be. Your enlightenment is leveling you up, specifically in business and at work. Don't worry too much about love right now. You can only progress pass certain people and beliefs if you make the choice too. 

Clear out the excess under the energy of the Full Moon for the next day or so, and we’ll talk later this week as we look into what Libra season brings!

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