Frequency of The Week: 29Sep21 - 5Oct21

Aries Libra Capricorn Cancer: New opportunities are in the air for you this week Cardinals. Prepare for the New Moon in Libra next Wednesday by prioritizing your creative and insightful spirits and thoughts. Ideas and collaborations flowing to you? Write them down, the small details, the bigger picture, the goal you want to accomplish, the feeling you want to experience. Things are coming together, and as they do, money will begin to increase in flow as well. It may be small things, like finding a 20$ bill in some jeans or an old purse, or a new client, but the small victories count the most. Celebrate you this week and keep churning out those ideas, because more are coming!


Sagittarius Virgo Pisces Gemini: You're entering a more mature and peaceful state this week as we approach this New Moon. You're choosing peace in your mind, heart, and spirit. I feel many of you are deciding to leave immature, toxic, and unchanging connections and energies in the past as we transition into fall. Trust your intuition( and Spirits message ) that this is absolutely a step in the right direction. Your gut has been telling you something was shifting, but you've been afraid and apprehensive to give in and fully and flow. Don't worry about the next big ideas right now.. just relax and give yourself some loving and selfcare. Eat your favorite foods, indulge in you. 


Taurus Scorpio Leo Aquarius: As we transition into October things will pick up for you fast! The days will begin to fly, and you will wonder what you spent all your time doing. It was being productive! Less of a new idea energy, more of an expand upon ideas and manifestations you wrote down in January and just forgot about, or put off due to procrastination, anxiety, and excuses. This is the week, start that shit! Make a bullet list, get started on the guest list, or advertisements/engagement posts. This week will prove to be an accelerated timeline if you generate physical material for your thoughts. In love, don't waste time sweating the small things this week. Your pet peeves could end a loving and supportive relationship. let that shit go!

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