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As your Birth/,Labor, & Postpartum Doula, the support I provide is unmatched. During the course of your Birthing journey, you will have mental, emotional & spiritual support, childbirth & lactation information and resources, collaborative partner support,  and more! I am here to complement your current village AND create a whole new tribe full of fellow mama’s and parents, specialists, educational resources. Whether you want an all natural birth in the comfort of your home, or to give birth in a hospital with the full dose of an epidural in your back, a doula is the ideal supportive guide for this journey. 


 The CelestialSols Birth Support Package includes of the following:

  • Prenatal visits (2)
    • Consultation/ Intake Appointment
    • 1 Dr.’s appointment, or Hospital/ Home/ Birthing Center visit.
  • Labor and Delivery (12 Hours, nonlinear)
    • Arrival within 120 minutes of beginning Active Labor, and/or induction. 
    • Continuous birth and labor support.
    • Immediate postpartum support, assistance with the Golden Hour.  
  • PostPartum visit (2)
    • 2 “Sleep Visit”- a 4-6 hour visit for the new parents to run errands, nap, or whatever!
    • Doula Date- Postpartum outing with mom, to grab a bite to eat, go to Target, just be in society & out of the house for a little bit.



  • Conception. Creation. Cultivation - Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth

    - Meditation, Yoga, mindfulness tips, comfort/coping mechanisms, and general wellbeing support.

    • Unlimited access to me, your doula, via email and phone support.
    • Creation of a Birth and Postpartum plan.
    • Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum education.
    • Lactation education and assistance.
    • Back Up Labor Doula : You will meet them beforehand, around weeks 36-38! Life is dynamic and things happen.

    Optional Services:

    1. Intuitive Reading/Reiki Session
    2. Homemade Nipple/Skin Salve
    3. 1 Home Cooked meal(Postpartum visit) & Batch of Mama Moon Milk Cookies
    4. Text and email support until 1 year Postpartum!

    Payment plans available